civil engineering

civil engineering
the branch of engineering concerned with the design and construction of such public works as dams or bridges
Hyponyms: ↑hydraulic engineering

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: a branch of engineering concerned primarily with public works (as land surveying, the building of highways, bridges, waterways, or harbors, or the provision of artificial water supply, sewage disposal, irrigation) but also embracing private enterprises (as railroad and airport building, private building construction, farm drainage)

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the work or profession of a civil engineer.

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civil engineering noun
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civil engineering UK US noun [uncountable]
the job of designing and building roads, bridges etc
Thesaurus: architecture and building designhyponym farm buildings and structures where animals are kepthyponym

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civil engineering,
the planning and directing of the construction of bridges, roads, harbors, canals, dams, and other public works.

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noun [count]
: a type of engineering that deals with the science of designing and building roads, bridges, large buildings, etc.

He has a degree in civil engineering.

civil engineer noun, pl ⋯ -neers [count]

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ˌcivil engiˈneering [civil engineer civil engineering] noun uncountable
the design, building and repair of roads, bridges, ↑canals, etc; the study of this as a subject
Derived Word:civil engineer

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